Colet Nierop and Emilie Bastens: DuoDyade. Two different harpists, being as one when they are making music together.
They make music with pleasure, enthusiasm and craftsmanship. And they bring their music close to the audience.

DuoDyade is named after the word: ‘Dyade’. In the Egyptian mythology Dyade means two different personalities. Often they are positioned against each other to symbolize harmony and balance. The two of them become as one.

Colet Nierop and Emilie Bastens, both passional harpists, would like to let their audience know all of the possibilities of the harp. The harp offers a lot of sound colors and many styles of music to play.
They play both on a Lyon & Healy Style 23 pedal harp. And on special request of the audience they play also music on their Celtic harps. During their concert they tell a lot about the piece they play, the composers and the history of the harp. They are always looking for new music to play and they like to show they joy to play the harp to audience.

In 2010 DuoDyade started with harpists Colet Nierop and Marije Vijselaar. After 4 years the duo continued with Colet Nierop and Emilie Bastens.

Summarized: inspired, talented harpists who touch the hearts of their audience. Be surprised and entertained by DuoDyade.